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Dennis R. Dinger, PhD

Dennis has been a consultant to a wide variety of ceramic manufacturing companies in the whitewares, refractories, raw materials, and technical ceramics industries throughout his 20+ years in academia and industry . Dennis has consulted and given technical presentations at companies and universities throughout the world, including the United States, Mexico, South America, Europe, and the Far East.

        Dennis' specialties are in the processing of ceramic powders, slips, and plastic forming bodies in both traditional and technical ceramics, and in the application of computers to the design and control of such processes. Over the years, his research has focused on the effects of particle size distribution on particle packing, rheological properties, and other process variables, as well as on the computer modelling of those same particulate phenomena.

        Dennis is co-author, with Jim Funk, Sr. (recently deceased), of a ceramic processing textbook, as well as author and co-author of over 70 technical publications in the field of ceramic processing. The textbook, Predictive Process Control of Crowded Particulate Suspensions Applied to Ceramic Manufacturing, describes and explains the application of Predictive Process Control (PPC) to ceramic processing. Most recently, Dennis has been involved in the implementation of PPC in ceramic process plants.

        Dennis is the author of several computer programs (which run under MS-DOS®) that calculate surface areas, interparticle porosities, numbers of particles, and interparticle spacings from measured particle size distributions and specific surface areas. Dennis has also written several specialty programs that perform very specific ceramic engineering calculations. For example, one program calculates firing curves for bodies from reversible and irreversible dilatometry data.

        Recently, Dennis has developed a set of spreadsheet add-in functions that work in Excel® to perform calculations similar to those in the original DOS particle packing programs.

       In addition to his consulting experiences, Dennis has more than 20 years experience as a teacher at the college, university, and continuing education levels. Throughout the 1990s, Dennis and Jim Funk taught continuing education PPC courses to numerous engineers representing many of today's ceramic manufacturing industries.

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