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   Note:  The paperback versions of this book are available from the author through PayPal and the  www.dingerceramics.com  website.  All links from this page will return you once again to the Timeless Books web pages.  


Kindle Version of The Coming of the Lord Draweth Nigh


Paperback Version of The Coming of the Lord Draweth Nigh
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The Coming of the Lord Draweth Nigh
Group Study Package of 10
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The Coming of the Lord Draweth Nigh, Dennis R. Dinger, 2000.

     The Second Coming of the Lord Jesus Christ will occur soon.  When will it occur?  What do the scriptures say about it?  What events surround it?  These questions, and many others, are addressed in a straight-forward, Bible-based presentation.  This book presents a post-trib point of view along with the supporting scriptures.  All students of Bible prophecy should find this to be an interesting and informative study.


Excerpts from the book:


Text from the back cover of the Paperback:


     The Second Coming of the Lord ....

     Having been seated at the right hand of the throne of God for these last ~2000 years following His earthly ministry, death, burial, resurrection, and ascension into heaven, the Lord will soon return to earth. Many expect His return to occur in the very near future Ė some even believe it to be imminent.

     Both Old and New Testaments teach details of the Lordís return to earth. When will the Lord return? What events are prophesied to occur in conjunction with His return? For what events and signs are believers to be watching? These questions and more are addressed in this book.

     Regardless of your current point of view, or the level of your experience with Bible prophecy, this book will be a thought provoking new study.


      The Author ....

     Dennis Dinger has been a Christian for more than 30 years and an avid student of Bible prophecy for the last 15+ years. Dennis is Professor Emeritus of Ceramic and Materials Engineering at a major American university and a ceramic engineering consultant.


The Preface of the Book:



     The study of Bible prophecy is quite exciting, especially when one believes, as does this author, that we are in the end times and the Lordís return is very near.

     This book is a result of about fifteen years of study by this author on the subject of Bible prophecy. Another product of this study was the authorís earlier book, The Tribulation to Come, written in 1991.

     Many books on prophecy have been written to represent each of several points of view: historicist, futurist, a-millennial, pre-millennial, pre-tribulational, post-tribulational, pre-wrath, etc. The approach that appears to be missing from recent literature is a straight-forward, Bible-based presentation that does not constantly distract the reader with acrimonious critiques of others and other approaches.

     The simple list of guidelines used during the writing of this book, therefore, included:

     1 Ė Keep it scriptural.
     2 Ė No acrimonious critiques.
     3 Ė No presuppositions.
     4 Ė Let the Bibleís simplicity show.

     The overall goal of this book is to present Godís prophetic plan, in an understandable form, to those who know little of Bible prophecy. I primarily have my children in mind when I state this goal, but I welcome all others who may wish to join the study.

     The scriptures indicate that the church is going to experience a period of intense tribulation before the Lord returns. I donít see many believers preparing for it. Many simply donít agree that it lies ahead.

     I want those about whom I care to be aware, understand whatís coming, and then be prepared. If Iím wrong and believers never have to experience great tribulation, that will be wonderful! If Iím correct, believers may at least have a little time to prepare for it.

     May the Holy Spirit guide each of those who read this book as they read, study, learn, and prepare.

     Remember! The coming of the Lord draweth nigh!

                                                 Dennis R. Dinger
                                                 December, 1999